Here’s What Our Survey Told Us About Security Sales Professionals’ Software Needs

In September, 2019, we surveyed many of you in the security sales sector to better understand your sales challenges and, in the case of WeSuite customers, how our software is helping to address them. Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate.

We learned a lot and thought we’d share with you a few of the key findings, as you may find it meaningful to see how your own organization’s concerns and priorities fit within the context of what your industry colleagues told us.

Business Software Needs:

1. More so than other types of business software, there is an urgent need among security sales organizations for Sales/Quoting, CRM and Electronic Document signing software. WeSuite can help with all of these, so if you’re not yet a customer, please reach out!

Top Information Resources for Business Software:

2. The top ways security professionals like you learn about business software are by attending tradeshows and from friends and colleagues. Online search, professional organizations and recommendations from other software companies also are highly used resources. If you’re not making use of your professional network to talk about business software, maybe it’s time to start!

3. Don’t worry that you’re a dinosaur because you like to hold a printed magazine in your hands. The vast majority told us that they are almost twice as likely to read the print editions of the major trade publications than view their online content, including their websites, digital editions, e-newsletters and e-blasts, and hosted webinars.

4. Among those of you who are customers, our webinars are a big hit. For those of you who haven’t checked out our webinars, we offer them live every month, and then are available on-demand from our website. Visit for the monthly Sales User training webinars. Visit for the monthly System Administrator Training Webinars.

WeSuite Sales Management Software

5. Close to 90% of you, including customers and non-customers, agree that that we continually upgrade our products. We’re glad to learn that our corporate investment in Dev Op has paid off, allowing us to release more frequent updates and be more responsive to our customers’ needs.

6. WeEstimate gets very high marks for helping to improve the sales process and providing the features and functionality our customers need. Customers also express strong appreciation for its proposal building tools.

7. There’s clear value in using our WeOpportunity and WeEstimate software in combination. Customers who use both report the highest satisfaction ratings. If you’re using only one, let’s talk about how a more comprehensive solution can help your sales organization handle everything from contact to contract.

8. There’s always room for improvement, and we’re taking your suggestions to heart. Several of you coined a new adjective, saying our software is “too clicky” –meaning it takes too many steps to get things done. We’re already working on that. And for those of you who aren’t finding the reporting capabilities you need, please give our support team a call. The fix may be as easy as having us walk you through the process.

Congratulations to the many winners who have received an Amazon gift card for participating in the survey.

Research Matters!

Your sales success is what drives our success. Your feedback is invaluable for keeping us on track, making sure we offer the right tools help your organization operate more efficiently, effectively and profitably. Thank you for participating; you have been heard!