Need advice on how to increase your proposal wins? Do you want to work on improving sales? With good Sales Estimating Software and a solid proposal process you should be in tip-top shape.

Without access to real-time sales information, proper tools, and solid process management, sales people tend to produce proposals where accuracy can be at risk. In an economy where buyers are way more selective, there really isn’t much room for error. By reading the tips below you can re-charge your proposal process and increase your wins!

  1. CRM, Sales Estimating Software, Proposal Generation, Oh My! We cannot overstate the value of this! A lot of times, sales management departments are more concerned with resources and money being spent, than the simple investment of their proposal process, and how important that can be when it turns into a WIN!. If you invest in your processes, then, when the time comes, all your ducks will be in a row and you will close your sale sooner and be able to deliver the job with little stress. Scrambling at the last minute to produce a proposal will only leads to errors, which your client will pick up on not to mention, they will result in loss of revenue. If your process is in place ahead of time, it will eventually lead to a reduction in time spent, duplicated efforts, recovering from mistakes and worrying about lost revenues and opportunities – this will give you a gain in time to pursue other prospects as well. By using a CRM and Sales Estimating Software, you can drastically reduce the time you take to produce highly effective proposals. Proposals that used to consume you, can now be assembled within minutes! proposal document is representative of the company – it must be professionally laidout, and consistent, regardless of who prepared it.
  2. Speak With The ‘Decision Makers’. If the person you are speaking with does not have the power to make a financial decision, then you have used a lot of valuable time talking to the wrong person. Ultimately, the decision lies at the top, so why not start at the top? This will save time and most definitely eliminate the game of ‘telephone’. When proposal information is relayed through a chain of people, that’s where the miscommunication tends to happen and wins are lost.
  3. Convey how you are ‘Different’ Versus How You Are ‘Better’. Every company and sales person wants to be the best, and wants to prove that they are the best. Sometimes that may not be what your client needs. Many similar companies do many of the same things, leaving the clients decision down to the almighty dollar. Making a decision strictly based on cost can sometimes be a waste of money, not a savings. Be able to express what they will miss out on if they go in another direction, or no direction at all. Show them the one thing that you do different, versus better. Project that you understand their problem, that you are experienced and have a great solution; and most importantly, that you care about their issues and committed to resolving them. This will show a superior solution to their end game.
  4. Research Your Prospect. Customization is key! Really knowing your prospect’s needs is important. You need to ensure that the client you are pitching to has a ‘need’ or a ‘hurt’. Once you are able to identify this, the proposal will have a much better flow, as you will know exactly what needs to be targeted. Tell them something they did not know – Each proposal needs to be completely centered around your customer and to directly address your customer’s wants and needs. What is acceptable to your customer is what will win! Make sure your pursuit is planned and tailored. After all, it’s all about the customer!
  5. Ask For A Referral. Yes – it really is that simple. You will get one if you did a great job. In fact, customers will be eager to promote you to their friends if you really helped them out. It never hurts to ask! When you’ve done a great job with a proposal or a sale, ask if your new customer has anyone in mind who may also benefit from what you can provide. In fact, you can even ask prospects you are working with who aren’t right for you. They may know someone who is right for you and it never hurts to ask. You may miss out on a great lead by not asking.

If you have the above tips all in place, consider yourself ahead of the game. Before you know it, your proposals will turn into wins!