WeSuite SOUC 2019
Track Schedule


January 28
Sales Session 1

1:30 PM – 2:30 PM

Optimizing WeSuite Go! & the Account Dashboard for Customer Management

WeSuite Go! has received rave reviews from System Administrators and Sales People alike. WeSuite continues to introduce new features for this iOS and Android power app, making it a reliable mobile prospect, lead and opportunity tool for easy sales pipeline development. See what’s new, a complete feature review, ties to WeOpportunity, easy ways to introduce WeSuite Go! to your team and the 2019 roadmap. Shift gears to new features in the Account Dashboard such as: “task” creation & assignment at the Account level! Configuration, 4 new SQL queries for synching real time data from other databases, such as SedonaOffice, making sales teams smarter and how-to tips for enhancing customer relationships using the Account Dashboard in WeOpportunity.
Instructors: Tracy Larson, President & Partner, Samantha Perry, Account Executive


January 28
Sales Session 2

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

New for 2019! QuoteAnywhere G2.0 is here!

Introducing the latest in mobile quote to cash software, QuoteAnywhere Generation 2.0. We took what we learned from QA 1.0, added essential “VOC”, utilized new technologies and completely changed the User Interface. This session introduces the features, functionality and workflow, from start to finish for quoting small, medium, even large sales and change orders, from an iPad, tablet or laptop. The WeSuite Site Survey tool is built-in enabling enhanced definition of sales and easy build of the bill of materials, for automated creation of the quote, based on the Survey. The WeSuite scope of work editor is included, with options for electronic signature with eOriginal or DocuSign for proposal and contract documents. Integration with WeEstimate, SedonaOffice, Quickbooks and other ERP solutions, makes this product a sales time and deal crusher!
Instructors: Tracy Larson, President & Partner, Arturo Bravo, Director of Deployment & Client Services


January 29
Sales Session 3

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

10 WeSuite Sales Hacks that Enhance Sales Performance

This session is dedicated to “sales hacks” we know will improve your team’s performance in the software. We will highlight a few WeOpportunity hacks and several more within WeEstimate and its Add On Modules. From use and organization of specific features and workflows that drive profit margin and RMR revenue, to easy ways to set your Proposals apart from the competition, our sales hacks are all supported within the WeSuite tools you use everyday. Save time, hone the sales process and improve your business.
Instructors: Arturo Bravo, Director of Deployment & Client Services, Samantha Perry, Account Executive


January 29
Sales Session 4

11:15 AM – 12:15 PM

WeEstimate New Report Features: Weighted Forecast, Manufacturer Forecast, Marketing eBlast Lists

WeSuite Clients have many ways they like to see data to help improve their sales workflow, Sales Pipeline, Revenue & Productivity Forecasts. They also like to use the data captured in WeSuite to forecast product sales to manufacturers and suppliers for deeper discounts and use data for targeted marketing campaigns. This session introduces a new feature in WeEstimate: “weighted forecast”, how to configure and use it and added fields at the WeSuite URG, based on this feature addition. We also explore a Manufacturer Forecast Report and how to create email marketing lists from the URG for your latest email campaigns. Harness the power of sales data in this informative session.
Instructors: Tracy Larson, President & Partner & Arturo Bravo Director of Deployment & Client Services


January 29
Sales Camp

1:30 PM – 4:00 PM

Innovation Zone

The WeSuite Innovation Zone is a terrific way to actively learn about the latest WeSuite products and features! Grab a passport and start your journey. Learn how to configure and use the Site Survey Module, use the WeSuite Parts Icon Library, create and win quotes in QuoteAnywhere G2.0, record and change Lead status’ in WeSuite Go!, create a super-cool scope of work template in WeEstimate and much more. Each challenge station features exercises for new, mid-level and expert Users to help you learn real-time. Complete one or all three challenge levels, earn WeSuite swag and chances to win prizes throughout the afternoon. Laptops and mobile devices are ready for you, just come, learn and have fun! User Conference Guests are welcome at any time throughout the Innovation Zone afternoon.


January 30

9:00 AM – 11:15 AM

Meet with WeSuite!

The WeSuite team is available for 20-30 minute one-on-one meetings to discuss software initiatives, business and process changes, use and configuration of features and the WeSuite 2019 product roadmap. Please reserve your time by clicking on “Meet us at the SedonaOffice Use Conference” on the Events page of our website wesuite.com. Looking forward to getting together in person!