What are the hardware requirements when we host our system in house?
WeOpportunity is browser based for your mobile sales force and requires Windows 2008 or higher when installed on your server. If synching calendars with Outlook, Exchange Server 2010 or higher is also needed. WeEstimate deploys on your server or WeSuite will host the software for you. Our technical staff is more than happy to review minimum recommended server requirements and other questions for your deployment.
How do we work with the applications remotely?
For WeEstimate, the same way your Users would access other applications you currently host remotely. Remote connectivity may include VPN, Citrix or your company’s website. WeOpportunity and QuoteAnywhere are browser based and accessible from wherever your users are connected via smart phone, tablet, laptop or iPad.
What is the system database?
WeSuite sales management software, WeOpportunity, QuoteAnywhere and WeEstimate use SQL database. Please click on our SQL minimum requirements document for more information.
Can WeSuite host the application for me?
Yes, please let us know if you are interested in this service.
How do licenses work?
WeSuite products are licensed per named user seat, and can go from two to unlimited User seats. You pay for the number of Users needed.
Does WeSuite help with deployment and system configuration?
Yes, we provide expert assistance to get up and running quickly and easily so that you start to realize your return on investment very quickly.
Can WeSuite deploy our system remotely?
Yes. We provide both remote and on-site deployment services and will work out the plan that’s best for you.
Does WeSuite provide ongoing training?
Yes, WeSuite can provide training specific to your User base either as scheduled webinars or on-site.
How do we get our existing parts and products into WeEstimate?
WeEstimate includes parts import tools enabling an easy import and update of parts and products into the database at any time.
Can WeEstimate read parts and products from other applications such as my accounting system?
Yes. Depending on the system you are using, we may already have an integration module. WeEstimate is a SQL database. If your current application is SQL, reading parts/products and existing customer information may be pretty easy. Just give us a call and let’s talk about it.
Can we add “Add-On” modules after initial deployment?
Sure, just give us a call and let us know what you’re interested in. We’ll help with review of features and functionality, pricing and getting you going.
What support & maintenance services are included?
WeSuite provides ongoing support and software maintenance in the annual SLM (software license & maintenance) fee charged monthly or quarterly. The SLM includes software upgrades – which include new features and functionality and technical support.
Are there pricing plans available to suit my company’s budget?
WeSuite provides flexible pricing plans so that you can best address your capital and operations budgets.
Does WeSuite accept credit card payments?
Yes, we can easily set up automatic payment to keep things running smoothly.