Add-on Modules

Automated Approval Process: This module enables the creation of pre-sales and post-sale approval systems within WeEstimate Professional & Enterprise. Approval systems operate as rule clusters that can be based on a variety of scenarios such as: violation of individual user threshold criteria (thresholds set within the base software), or approvals needed from specific management levels for certain job types, and/or additional approval rule groups created by the Client. Approvals rules can apply to groups or to individuals, cross-Regionally and within Offices, and can operate in a hierarchy or a first able basis. The Automated Approvals module helps to keep process flowing efficiently by use of email notification and Dashboard notification once the approval process is started and creates a history of the approval process. “Approvers” can review and approve or reject proposals by opening the proposal from their Dashboard within WeEstimate or by reviewing a Job Summary Report and approving the job based on the report. Sales personnel see approval status for each proposal within the proposal itself at the Approval tabs (Pre- Sales/Post-Sale) on the Estimate screen. Emails are sent to both the approver and the end user as the approval process is enacted. Once an approval system has been approved, the sales person cannot make additional changes. If changes are required, the sales person can take the project out of the approval process, make the necessary changes and re-start the approval process. An approval history is included on the Job Summary Report with this module.

Chargeable Items Module (available for Small Business, Professional & Enterprise): For those companies who need to be sure that the costs for items such as: construction equipment, rentals of forklifts, man- lifts, etc., surcharges for material price fluctuations, costs for bonds and additional insurances are covered WeEstimate can include the Chargeable Items module. Chargeable Items are defined and priced within the Chargeable Items editor. System users select the Chargeable Items tab on the Estimate Screen, select the needed Chargeable Items, “drag and drop” those items on to the appropriate job proposal folders and calculations for those items are automatically included on the proposal. Costs that today are often missed during the sales proposal stage can now be accounted for and included on the job!

RMR Module (available for Small Business, Professional & Enterprise):
WeEstimate can include a powerful Recurring Monthly Revenue generator. This software tool integrates directly with WeEstimate enabling Clients to define customized RMR billing codes from a field of pricing options. RMR codes are added directly to each proposal folder by using simple “drag and drop” technology for each required RMR code. RMR dollar amounts are automatically calculated and added to specified fields on proposal documents. In addition, RMR dollar amounts are reflected against sales RMR quotas and added to WeEstimate reports and the Universal Report Grid. Custom RMR proposal documents and reports will be priced additionally.

Finance (Lease/RCM) Module: The Finance Module enables your sales team to include company defined finance options on proposal or contract documents. The module includes a formula for defining company Rate Creation calculation. It also includes definition of multiple company financed lease options as well as definition of third party traditional lease programs with varying deposit and payback amounts for auto calculation and pricing inclusion on proposal documents. Lease and Outright Sale pricing can also be calculated at the click of a button on the Estimate screen for each job by defining “lease” pricing at the equipment level. Sales people can decide to lead with the lease price and show an outright sale price, or lead with the outright sale and show a lease alternative.

Fixed Contract Pricing Module: WeEstimate can include definition of fixed contract pricing such as: GSA, state and local government contracts or fixed price contracts for customers. This module enables pricing per contract type including: source pricing for the defined contract in addition to standard commercial parts pricing, labor categories, inclusion or not of other items such as freight, warranty, burden items, etc. For GSA contract holders, SIN number and reference to other contract holders is possible.

Contract Documents Module: WeEstimate can auto-populate sales information captured within WeEstimate to contract documents enabling the creation of contracts for each proposal/job in the system. Users are able to select one or multiple contracts for each job and either print or email the contract(s) and/or proposal to the customer. The Contract Documents Module also enables a separate scope of work and equipment/pricing schedule per contract and can also include service selections and definition of contract start dates.

Test & Inspection Module: WeEstimate can include a Test & Inspection Module for those Clients who provide test and inspection services. The Test & Inspection Module integrates directly with WeEstimate enabling clients to define customized Test & Inspection billing codes based upon: quantity of devices, or a percentage of the total quantity to be tested, the minutes assigned to each test and inspection category, the annual frequency of test and inspection services, and the total length (in years) of the contract. T&I codes are added directly to each proposal by the end user using simple “drag and drop” technology for each code needed. T&I dollar amounts are automatically calculated and added to T&I proposal documents to be sent to customers.

Commission Management System: WeEstimate can include a commission management system to provide estimated commission amounts, splits and overrides per proposal, sale or job type on the Estimate screen, on the URG and in Commission Reports for your sales team. Commission systems are defined by the Client to determine commission amounts per sale. Multiple commission systems can be defined and used within the system simultaneously. Manager overrides and National Account overrides can also be set within the system. Users are associated to commission plans. Sliding scale rate plans can be applied per individual or as a team.

Subcontractor Module: If you need to provide an estimate to multiple entities for a single project, the Subcontractor Module enables a single estimate to be created and emailed individually, or all at once, to specified contractors. This saves the time and effort of copying estimates multiple times, creating and saving a separate estimate for each party. Once you know who has accepted your estimate, simple make that entity the customer and you’re all set.

QuoteAnywhere Module: this module is perfect for high volume “package” style sales for residential and small commercial sales teams. Quote in front of your customer! Select the package or packages best for the customer, included items are shown, select additional parts or services, recurring services are automatically included, enable discounting if needed, parts substitutions are built-in and move directly to signing. Proposal and Contract documents are built in. Integration with eOriginal for electronic signature and document management enables signing of contracts on site with your customers.

Business Forms Module: if your company is like most, you have an average of 8-10 paper forms utilized in the quoting process. These forms are being completed by hand, requiring extra trips to customer sites, entry of the same information into multiple business tools, increasing mistakes and taking the time of multiple resources. The Business Forms Module enables paper forms to be electronic within WeSuite. Forms can be completed in QuoteAnywhere or WeEstimate. Information is automatically saved in the WeSuite database. Information can then be used to populate contract and other documents, or be provided for use in other databases. A link to forms can also be sent to customers or other personnel for completion of forms with data being saved directly to the database. Business Forms supports “going green” business objectives.

Engineering Review Module: for those organizations who review accepted sales with engineering teams prior to ordering parts for a job, the Engineering Review Module allows a copy of the accepted quotation to be used for clarification of items on the bill of materials, labor hours, chargeable items and RMR items without affecting the sale price of the accepted sale.

e-Signature Module: this module allows the inclusion of sales representative signatures on cover letters to include with your proposals and can extend to use of signature pads for signing of proposal and contract documents by your customers.

Accounting Integration:

Quickbooks Integration Module: this integration module enables direct search on existing customers, site and billing information, parts, job cost items in QuickBooks for selection and inclusion on new estimates within WeEstimate. When jobs are “won” in WeEstimate, use the built-in accounting import tool to move the job into QuickBooks automatically, including the proposal number, customer, site and billing information, bill of materials, labor items and chargeable items. Automating job imports to your accounting system provides an immediate and ongoing return on investment.

SedonaOffice Integration Module: this integration module enables direct search on existing customers, site and billing information, parts, job cost items and RMR items in SedonaOffice for selection and inclusion on new estimates within WeEstimate. When jobs are “won” in WeEstimate, use the built-in accounting import tool to move the job into SedonaOffice automatically, including the proposal number, customer, site and billing information, bill of materials, labor items, chargeable items, RMR items, notes and the commission total. Automating the import of job information provides an immediate and ongoing return on investment.

Microsoft Dynamics SL Integration Module: this module enables integration of WeEstimate with Microsoft SL for search on customers, contacts and parts and passing of accepted sales information from WeEstimate to SL for job creation by SL.