Single Click Data!

Sales data at your fingertips! Filter by Region, Office, Sales Person, sales stage, dates; estimated sale/RMR, sold price/RMR, market, Gross Profit, status, days to close, commissions, splits, overrides, etc.

Create New Estimates Quickly

Starting a new estimate in WeEstimate is quick and easy! The database returns existing customer, site, billing, contact information, name your project, select required field information and go to the Estimate screen.

Unrivaled Estimating Features

Name project folders, search on parts, drag/drop to folders and Bill of Materials is created below. Labor on parts, at folder level, on entire job per your labor categories & rates.

Commissions Calculate Automatically

Commissions calculate within each job and can be split multiple ways. Production or sales to quota, can also be split with multiple people. Manager & National Account overrides auto-calculate per commission plan settings.

Market Data You Can Use

WeEstimate provides a number of reports reflecting current sales data. The Top 10 reports are popular summaries of items such as: Top 10 Markets, Customers, Sales People, Manufacturers, etc.