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Lead & Prospect Management

WeOpportunity enables lead capture, assignment and management from the desktop & while on the move. Leads are created with relevant prospect, product, service, market, budget and other interests and assigned to sales people, offices or groups. Sales people create and manage prospecting plans, leads and opportunities. Includes detailed reporting, Outlook and Google calendar and contact integration. WeOpportunity is fully integrated with WeSuite Go! Mobile App, WeEstimate and QuoteAnywhere to manage the sales process from contact to contract.

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Powerful Sales Estimating & Contract Creation

WeEstimate provides extremely powerful and flexible sales estimating, proposal & contract creation for sales teams built of two to hundreds. Detailed visibility of the sales team by region, office and individual User. Increase efficiency through designed work flow processes and automation. Start estimates from leads generated in WeOpportunity for easy tracking from contact to contract. Integration with multiple financial ERP systems decreases data entry redundancy, increases productivity and reduces errors. Real-time sales intelligence proactively provides sales, finance, operations and support teams information for increased customer support and satisfaction. 14 powerful Add-On Modules provide increased, targeted functionality.

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Quote & Sign with Customers

Sell on-the-go with QuoteAnywhere! Easily manage leads to new sales from an iPad, tablet or laptop. Ideal for high volume residential and small commercial sales. Sell & close in front of customers. Pre-scheduled sales appointments are ready & waiting. Select pre-defined packages, add optional equipment, labor & recurring services. Automated proposals & contract documents, eOriginal signing & document storage services are fully integrated. QuoteAnywhere is fully integrated with WeOpportunity and WeEstimate for an end-to-end sales process.