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Enhance the Power of WeSuite Agile Technology with our Customized Integrations.


SedonaOffice is the only enterprise-level accounting and business management software specifically developed for security companies. Designed and built on an open platform using Microsoft SQL Server, SedonaOffice offers complete and easy access to all your data, so you can manage your business better than ever. From operational metric tracking through comprehensive financial statement reporting, SedonaOffice makes it easy to get the information you need when you need it. WeSuite and SedonaOffice have developed the SedonaOffice Integration Module to enable customer information, parts, invoice items and RMR items to be searchable and selectable as estimates are created and to seamlessly import new sales jobs from WeEstimate to SedonaOffice for work order creation. Save time, save money and avoid costly mistakes. Click here for more information.


eOriginal accelerates business processes with legally enforceable electronic signature and transaction management solutions. eOriginal develops and supports sophisticated software components that can be integrated into almost any business application allowing clients to leverage existing investments. Plus, their stand alone applications offer quick implementations to streamline your document transactions.Click here for more information.


WeSuite has developed the QuickBooks Integration Module for QuickBooks users. QuickBooks is designed for those who are unfamiliar with accounting or bookkeeping. Simply enter your sales and expenses, and QuickBooks will do the rest.Click here for more information.

WeSuite Integration Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics

WeSuite Accounting Integrations with Microsoft Dynamics SL and Microsoft Dynamics GP. WeSuite will prepare all job data and prepare for the Microsoft Dynamics Accounting System. Each Integration can be slightly different based on the Business Processes and needs of our clients. We make every effort to provide a baseline integration, and then customize this to give your Financial & Operations team all of the data needed to automate the building of projects and jobs. Click here for more information.

PSA Security Network

The Professional Security Alliance is the world’s largest electronic security cooperative. This for-profit organization encompasses more than 200 electronic security systems integrators, aligning them with over 200 vendor partners. Together, the PSA Network is responsible for over $2 billion in annual security systems design, installation, integration and maintenance of access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, fire, and life safety systems. WeSuite is a Business Solutions provider to the PSA. WeSuite products include integration of the PSA parts catalog. Pricing updates occur automatically and parts are searchable and selectable from within WeEstimate for inclusion on any quote, proposal or contract.Click here for more information.

WeSuite Google Calendar Integration

Google Calendar

Connect Google Calendar with the WeOpportunity and keep your meetings and calendar events synchronized. Click here for more information.

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