Add-on Modules

Enhanced quoting functionality for a customized solution tailored to your sales process.

Recurring Monthly Revenue

WeEstimate Core
Powerful RMR generator integrated directly with WeEstimate enabling Clients to define customized Recurring Monthly Revenue.

  • Customer Favorite 97%

Chargeable Items

WeEstimate Core
Costs that today are often missed during the sales proposal stage (i.e. equipment, rentals, etc..), can now be accounted for and included on the job!

  • Customer Favorite 91%

Advanced Tax

WeEstimate Add-On
Quote tax at the line item level. Designate parts as taxable (Sales/Use) or non-taxable. Assign tax profiles to Client accounts that auto-populate.

  • Customer Favorite 80%

Automated Approvals

WeEstimate Add-On
Pre and post-sale approvals where rules can apply to groups or individuals, cross-Regionally and within Offices, and can operate in a hierarchy or a first able basis. 

  • Customer Favorite 84%

Commission Management

WeEstimate Add-On
Display estimated commission amounts, splits and overrides per proposal, sale or job type on the Estimate screen, Universal Report Grid and Commission Reports for your sales team.

  • Customer Favorite 85%

Contract Documents

WeEstimate Add-On
Auto-populate sales information to contract documents. Users can select contracts and print or email to the customer. Includes scope of work, equipment/pricing schedule and more. 

  • Customer Favorite 93%

Electronic Business Forms

WeOpportunity, WeEstimate & QuoteAnywhere
Make your paper forms electronic and automatically save inside WeSuite. Information can be used to populate inside documents or other databases. A link to forms can also be sent to customers or other personnel for completion.

  • Customer Favorite 97%

Engineering Review

Allows a copy of the accepted quotation to be used for clarification of items on the bill of materials, labor hours, chargeable items and RMR items without affecting the sale price of the accepted sale.

  • Customer Favorite 81%

Finance Lease

Enables your sales team to include company defined finance options on proposal or contract documents. Sales people can decide to lead with the lease price and show an outright sale price, or vice versa.

  • Customer Favorite 76%

Fixed Price Contracts

Define fixed contract pricing such as: GSA, state and local government contracts or fixed price contracts for customers.

  • Customer Favorite 71%

Quote to Contractor

Enables a single estimate to be easily created and emailed individually or all at once, to multiple contractors. 

  • Customer Favorite 67%

Subscription Sales

Define customized Test & Inspection billing codes that are added directly to each proposal by using simple “drag and drop” technology.

  • Customer Favorite 64%

Site Survey by WeEstimate

NEW! WeEstimate Add-On
Allows Users to create Site Surveys from an iPad, tablet or laptop. Site Survey takes full advantage of the Folder Levels available in WeEstimate and includes real-time Parts and Package search on the WeSuite database, PSA Security or integrated accounting platforms. Create simple to complex system surveys. As parts and devices are added to the Survey canvas, the bill of materials for an Estimate builds in the background. Add notes at plan, part or survey levels. Work as you like, in the field or at the desktop.

  • Customer Favorite 82%

QuoteAnywhere Next Gen V2.0

Close on-site directly with customers or from the desktop. Supports package style sales, easily add optional equipment, labor and recurring services. Create Site Surveys to automatically build and quote your sales and provide plans for installation! Proposals and contracts gnereate automatically for electronic signature via Docusign or eOriginal, your choice! Create proposals while meeting with prospects, sign contracts electronically and close sales from an iPad, laptop or tablet. Quote and sign mobile software is coming soon!

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